Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas in the SUNSHINE!

We got to go down to Florida for Christmas too! We flew out Christmas day (afternoon) and got back Saturday the 29th. We had a great time with Mark's family - mom, dad and sister, Mandy.

We saw lots of friends - some new, some it had been years! We got to the beach and even got a little sun! A really fun trip - thanks Hess' for having us there! We went on a boat cruise one afternoon - never a bad day on the water....and just had an all around fun and busy time there! :)


We had a great birthday lunch and day at Mom Walter's for Cali's 9th bday!

Cali is a hillarious girl who is really 9 going on 25 in some ways, and then just crazy girl in others! :)

THe kids had fun playing in the new basement at mom's and we even got a pic with Mark and I and ALL SEVEN of them!

Hapy b-day, Cal! :)