Sunday, March 23, 2008


The kids love the Easter egg hunt - likely because of the 112 eggs Grandma and Grandpa hid for them - some number of them hold CASH! :) They ran all over our house finding all the eggs - found all but one! By the way, guys, Mark found that one in the Family Room (basement room) about an hour ago! He THINKS he gets to keep the cash! (Jane - you gotta get it from him) :)

Yes, we had to have the egg hunt inside as we still have alot of snow up here!! :)

They had a great time! It was a great day! We all had a fun day celebrating the Resurrection of Christ!! We remember today that all we are is because He ROSE! on Easter Morning!

Happy Easter!!!!

L to R....Colin (8), Zach (2), Janie (5), Lexi (11), Lauren (12), Maia (14) and Cali (9)

Family picture......What a great group! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All Jon, All the time.........

Just some more Jon.......with Richie too! :)
They were just fun to watch - really energetic show......for OLD guys! :)

A fun night out.........Thanks, Cam!

JON, Himself!

in this one, Joanie and I KNOW he is looking right at our friend - saying, "Julianne, I KNEW you'd come!!!!! "

Some of my best girls........ we had a great time! Thanks for going, girls! Missed ya, Julie - glad we saw you from a distance!! :)

Me, Joanie, Amy and Shelly at Bon Jovi (3-18-2008)

Daughtry - up close! :)

Chris Daughtry and his whole band were great - they (obviously) opened for Jon....

He is really good!

CONCERT NIGHT! Daughtry & Bon Jovi!

If any of you has the chance to see these guys as they tour - it was a lot of fun! Of course, we went for free - and I know going is not cheap! but it was a fun night to go out with the girls and have a great time 0 recalling our youth! :) Here are some pics from the concert - we had such a blast! Got great pics too - thanks to my amazing camera (thanks, Markus!) :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy 68th John!!!!!!!!

Dad had a birthday last week!!!!!

Here he is with his buddy Zach - who is a total Boppa's boy! He will be 2 end of the month! Also with Lexi (11 today!!!!!!!!) and Cali at his birthday lunch!
We made him ear this party hat - but joined him wearing them as well!

Love you, Best Dad & Grandpa!!!!

Happy Birthday Angela Jean!!!!

Angela with her baby girl - and also with our mom on her birthday!!!

Maia turns 14!!!!!!!!

Maia and her cake and Maia with pals - cousins and friends!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March Madness!

March is a crazy month at our house - with many birthdays!!!!! We have not celebrated them all yet, but here are a few of the fabulous celbrations that have been!

Maia turned 14 on March 2 - those of you who lived with me at school when she ws born remember this day well.. :) I don't know about you guys, but it makes me feel old! She is a great kid (teenager!!), and we are all very proud of her! Here are a couple of pics of her - as her crazy silly self! (along with cousins and friends.....)

Angela (Maia's mom) turned 25 (huh!!) Just a few days later...... She is currently studying for her paralegal degree and is a busy mom to (said) crazy 14 year old Maia!

Dad also had a day 2 days later - hit something in the mid-late 60's and we are very proud of him as well! :) His favortie moments are spent with the grandkids and of course working with me! :) Well, here is our family from so far this month!!!!!1