Monday, December 31, 2007

Here is the beautiful river - I could not edit those pix once i picked them! Sorry! :)

Also - beautiful mom and dad! :)

Christmas Day: Pt I in Minnesota

We got up today and went to Mom and Dad's. We had brunch with Weddles, Ang and Maia and our dear friends, Maisa, Gabriella and Jeanie! These ladies ( I still would call the girls "kids") have been a part of our family since before Gabriella was born - 19 years! We had a wonderful morning with everyone - BEAUTIFUL snow!! The river looked amazing - I had to include a shot of this! Note the reflections! :) Then we were off to the airport for Florida's version of Christmas in the SUN! :)

Christmas Eve - Part II -

We got to open our gifts Christmas Eve since christmas day was set to be a busy one...including flying out to Florida to see mark's family.....

Here is our brief Christmas at home :)

Christmas Eve - at our house!

We had a great Christmas Eve - beginning the day at work for both of us - then off to church (where our Cali sang her solo). Then Our family (minus the Bairds in Chicago) came to our house for a fondu dinner! Dinner featuring mark's deer as well :)

We ate, played the dice game for fabuloius prizes :) and laughed! A fun night had by all...I also had to toss in there Mark and Cali making LOVELY faces! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We had a GREAT time at the Wild Hockey Game last night! Thanks, Lisa and Dave for the tickets! We took our neices Maia & Lauren! Maia's first time to a game and Lauren is the FAN of FANS! :) Lauren has created a monster in Maia though! On the way home she was saying it was the best time and how she wants to start watching them all the time- tracking stats online ect... We all had a great time! Those games are the most fun to go to! Again, thanks Lis and Dave! WE WON! It was sketchy there for a bit, but we pulled it out in the 3rd!

Here are a couple of pics from our night out!


Mark, Joy, Maia & Lauren

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


WE ARE LYME'S FREE!!!!!!!! :)

We are happy to say that it looks like Joy is done with the Lymes at this point! :) We are excited to get on with life - "post Lymes". Joy has been off the "drugs" since last Thursday and is still feeling great today (Wednesday). I was told that is the biggest test right there - how you feel (imagine that?) :) But it is good and it feels good to feel good again! :)

We are very anxious to return to life as normal again and be back to "ourselves"!

Thanks for the prayers from all of you - and always asking how I feel and things. I wouldn't wish this on anybody, and I know I have been so fortunate - having caught it early and things.......God is GOOD!!!! :)


Joy and Mark