Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grandpa with the girls

Lexi & Cali each with Grandpa at the lake.

There isn't a pic of Maia and Grandpa - but she is the one who went out to the blind for 4 hours with him! She loved it and they had a great time!

Deer Hunting at the lake

Ya, nothing sweeter than a man in camo ready to go hunt and kill a deer - - and his sweet little neices.... :) Maia (14) went out with dDd and Mark last weekend and loved it! Cali & Lexi just got in a couple of pics before they left!

Lauren's Volleyball

Lauren played 7th grade colleyball agian this year...(well, last year she played 6th - this IS her first time in 7th grade!) :) They had a great team & a great year!! These pics came out blurry - but still good - great yar Lauren! Can't wait for basketball to start!

Janie playin' Soccer

She ran and ran.......... kicked and kicked.......She was tired! She needed that water!!!! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mark & Paul's morning in a boat :)

Mark's 5.1 pound bass

Paul's big bass too ( sorry, Buzz, I don't know the weight!!)

Trip to North Shore with Hess Family

Family Shot on Sawbill Trail

North Shore Trip with Hess Family

Mark & I at Grand Marais

Mandy & Joy on Sawbill Trail

Dad Martin is not quite used to the chill. "Florida isn't this cold!!" :)

More Gooseberry Falls

Mandy & George - Joy & Mark - The Falls

Mark & his mom, Carol on the lake cruise

Hess Family Shots

Beautiful North Shore Scenery


Duluth Harbor

Happy 50th - Mom and Dad Hess!!!! :)

North Shore - some more!

us with Mandy & George - taken of grand marais, mn

Just us - at the North Shore

Watching ships come in at Duluth Harbor, on the rocks and at Gooseberry Falls

fall on the North Shore with Hess Family

Mark and I with his sister Mandy & her boyfriend, George - ont he lake cruise.on a chilly afternoon!


mark and i at our annual trip to the apple oprchard.....a rainy day, but we weren't sure when we would get there again this fall :) thanks, sweetie for humoring me!!!!!!! :)

Vikes / Colts Game

We are Vikes fans - but Colts fans as well - so this was a great game to get to see! Thanks, Brent! :)

More Zachy......

Zach & Joy

Our boy!

Zach with Ang & Maia's bunny

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

12th Anniversary Night out

We had a great night out for our anniversary! Who can believeit has been 12 years? Surely, we are not old enough for this! I guess we must be........We went out to Rossi's in Minneapolis and had dinner and just hung out & listened to the live Jazz group. It was a great night out - Thank you, Sweetie!!!! I love you!!!!!!! :)