Saturday, June 14, 2008


Did I mention Zach's LOVE for Hockey???????

Who's your favorite Auntie???


I have "trained (Mark would say "brainwashed") each of the kids at a young age to answer this question correctly....It has worked with all 7 of ours and 3 of Karines... I get some competition, but lose very few along the way...... :)

Anyway, I took this of Zach as he yells a very correct answer "JOY!" :) I should note that there are many times this kid will also yell "BOPPA!!!!!!!" He is very much a Boppa's boy! :)

An Afternoon with my boy Zach

Zachary was 2 in March (in fact I owe he and Lexi and BD post!!) These are just some pics I took of him running around our living room one afternoon. It was just Z and I - a rare thing when he is the youngest of 4 to have just him alone....So we laughed, played some hockey (his FAVORITE thing) and had fun! it just doesn't get any better than this -Zach, what would we have ever done with out you??????


Mark and I finally got away for our long weekend to Chicago! We drove down - and stayed at the Chicago Hilton - right down town! We just ran around doing whatever we wanted to do for 3 + days! Went to Shedd, Art Museum, Blue Man, Magnificent Mile shopping, Navy Pier, a sail, - just whatever we felt like doing!!!! Here is our "scrapbook" of our weekend in May!!!


This was a fun show - we would recommend it to some and not to some....but it was a really fun night out in Chicago! It's funny - and those guys are just really amazing and energetic! And your arms will get tired toward the end! Who knew?? We laughed - and now Mark has BLUE on his jacket!! :) A fun date night out - to a Mexican place for dinner and Strawberry / Mango Margaritas then off to see Blue Man! :)

Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park

Our hotel (Chicago Hilton) was just down the block from Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain! We walked over and got some of the (COOL) spray on our faces! :)

View of the City & Navy Pier from the SAIL!


This was one of my favorite parts of our weekend - We always love to get out on the water when we are on a trip - the ocean or in Chicago- Lake Michigan! It was a pretty cold trip - but they gave us "half off the fare and blankets in case ya het cold"!! it was a fun trip - the city is an amazing view from out on the Lake! Mark even got to raise the sails for the trip! :) (Usually they get little kids to do it, but nobody would subject a child to being that cold that day!) :) This was a great 2 hours! :)

Walk around Lake Michigan

We had the most fun just walking around by the Lake.... You just never tire of looking at the water! A little chilly - but so pretty! this was taken right near Shedd....

Shedd Aquarium

Shedd is a great aquiarium - with lots to see and a good dolphin show! This is always my first reason to go someplace like this! I still really wish Mark would let me have a dolphin as a pet here!!!! Or at least a PENGUIN!!!!!! :)