Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Our wonderful family..missing one sister and one neice, who we still have to photo shop in! :)

Here we all are inthe yard, around the fire & then a more "posed" pic.......

Just hanging 0ut at the lake......

(Lolo and Cali on the tube)

(Lexi & Janie blowing bubbles in the water)

Susan makes her traditional FLAG Fruit Pizza! With a little help......or are they just waiting to DIG IN???

More tubing

Lauren, Lexi and Janie on the tube together....

The spotters on the boat pulling the tubers this time....

July in the LAKE!

Cali & Colin TUBING!!!!!!

Contest who see who can stand up the longest!!!!!!!! THEY ARE GOOD!

These guys just tube and tube FOREVER! They will go until we MAKE them get off - or have to fill up the gas tank again! THANKS, Grandpa!!!!! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Colin's water activities

Fishing with his Dad..... (Dave)

Fishing "with" Dad and Grandpa :)

UP on the tube - with cous and best pal, Cali Gracve (both age 9)

Some of the Boys......

Grandpa and Colin......

Mark "emathizing" with Zach's latest "ouch!"

Zachary - having a tea party alone cuz nobody wanted to play with him - with hair like that? How can NOT want to play with him??? :) CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!


Is not that an oxy-moron? Lexi and Lauren moved in with us so we had to make a sign.....OPP is an actual town in Alabama - long story...but it was funny.....I can't believe THESE people are anything but sophisticated! :)

Janie with Lexi on the raft.....

Shots of my girls! :)

Janie and Cali - all dressed for the 4th July picture!

Lauren and Lexi headed to the lake......

Lauren & Lex at the fire - bundled up, Lauren?????

Hanging at the Bonfire - July 4th weekend

Mark and I with our little buddy, Zachary.........3 Bairds and a Weddle........and the 2 cutest boys you will ever see - watching Mark's fireworks :)

Ya GOTTA LOVE these kids!!!!! :)


Us with Lauren, Mark and kids hanging out at the fire and Lauren and Zachary at the fire.

The Kids watch Mark start the Fireworks Display!

They are sooo cute! And best of all - Mark still has all his limbs - another year we survive! :)

4th OF JULY Weekend at the cabin 2008

Here are just a bunch of pics from our Family Weekend at the Lake House over the 4th of July! We all had a great time - kids play and swim at the house and off the boat. TUBING ABOUNDS......All day, every day! :) Bonfires, Mark's annual (legal) Fireworks display off the beach, Flag fruit pizza, bbq's and just hanging out!

This is one of everyone's favorite weekends of the summer - thanks M&D for having such a great place to congregate! We love it and YOU! :)

Lots of pics...... This is how we live.... :)

Fields Visit in June!

We had a fun night out with our good friends, Bill and Kathy... We miss seeing them as they live (for now) too far away! We had a great night and then Kat and I had a fun "sisters" sleepover!

Thanks for a great night - can't wait to see you again soon! (in MS) Pray for Bill as he has recently been deployed to Iraq until January. They have 3 kids - ages 6-2 ....They miss him and we just all pray for it to go by quickly and for all to be safe! :)

Love ya'll!

Thank you also to G&B! What a great time we had! I am sorry I hit your house with my car at the end :) Love you both!!!!!!!


Golf Tourney is on!

The boys watching the golf tourn - aren't they all so cute? :)


Zach helps himself to some turkey, we all line up for the buffet...The girls settle on the deck for their lake-view lunch :)

On the Lake - In the Sun!

Kids in the water - Maia (14) Lexi 11, holding Janie (6), Lauren (12) holding Zach (2) and Colin (9).

Joy & Susan (ages 20 and 25) :)

Happy Fathers Day at the Baird Lake Estate :)

We had a great day for Fathers Day! The weather was absolutley gorgeous and it was such a fun day at the Baird's house on Turtle Lake! We have such a fun family! :) The kids played and swam and we all had a great day! Thanks, Baird clan for having us! Even though this post is so late - I remember this day very well - a fun one! :)