Sunday, April 19, 2009

Zachary loves his Spiderman!

Janie reads Z's cards to him - they are so sweet! :)


Joy & Lexi

Susan & Angela

Janie (6.5)

Joy with Lauren and Cali

More beauty -

Mark, Lexi & Maia------Lexi, maia and Zach opening up gifts---
Lauren & Maia - with Maia's present


Janie & Zach----Mark and Mom---Mark & Lexi

Cali & Colin - who won that last match up?

Lexi gets serious about the ski ball game


Ang & Zachary - Mark & Lauren - Mike & Cali Grace

SHOW OFF THOSE TICKETS! Janie & Dave, mark is so proud and I try to beat Mark - NOT A CHANCE! At least he gve his tix away to his kids!


Mark and Lauren RACING!

Cali & Colin face off in a ski ball match -


Susan, Angela, Lisa, Mom and Dad at CEC!

Mark and Janie relaxing from the crazy oif the games

Mark, Colin and Joy winning lots of tickets in a shoot-out!

Colin has more tickets than I do!!! WHAT???????!!!!!!

Birthday Girls

maia and lexi - before digging into the cake! :)


We have 5 birthdays in our family in March! We went to Chuck E Cheese with everyone. Besides not great pizza - they have updated it and it was a great place for games & we all had a great time! What a fun night with a fun group!

Birthdays......Dad (69), Angela (44), Maia (15), Lexi (12) and Zachary (3)