Sunday, March 15, 2009

Time Bandit Guys

Andy & Jonathan came to Mpls to meet Mark and I! thanks, guys! They have the coolest was alot of fun getting to meet them for a little while.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

To Angela and Dad!

Jordan's Walk

We had a great day at the Autism walk for our buddy, Jordan! It was so fun tos ee eveyone who came out - we all have in common that we love Jordan! A great day!

The fans at Colin's game

The kids (Lauren, Janie, Zach, Megan, Cali, Lexi) watching the game!
Mark with Col after the game..... Mom and Dad.......and Sisters......

Colin plays for the Championship!


is the best player on the ice!!!! We are so proud of him - he earned his spot on a good team and has played hard for 6 months! Great season, Sam!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrating Valentine's Day with our favorite team! A fun night in the suite! Beautiful flowers from the best husband in the world! We had a great night! Even though they blew a huge lead and it lost the game! (this one was a rough one!) But a great night!!!! :)

Another Wild Game!

With Mike and Susan - a fun night! It was Mark's birthday! A great game - but another loss for Anti, Mikko, Pierre-Marc and the rest!

WILD Game with Mom and Dad!

A fun night out with mom and dad. We share the tickets so we get to a few games together - we all love it and have a great time! If the WILD would win one of the times I am there, I would appreciate that, Mikko and Niklas! Thanks!

Mark, Jane and a Webkinz......

So cute -

Scrapbook Weekend at the (frozen) Lake

A fun weekend at the cabin with great friends! Laughing, not sleeping, scrapbooking and eating some good food too! What a great time with the greatest group of long time friends! These are some of the most meaningful women in my life - thank you, girls! it was so much fun! Can't wait to go again!

Happy 15th Birthday, MAIA!

Maia turned 15 March 2nd
We missed out traditional lunch on the birthday as it was spring she went to MOA with her friends... Had a great birthday! We will celebrate with everyone soon!


Cali as the star of the day! Happy 10th, Cal!

Cali with her cousins - rock band and just hanging out
Rockin out at Cali's Bday party! Gotta love Rock Band!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Patching it up - still cousins and best pals!

After the game is done!

Lexi gets in Lauren's face to block her shot!

Lauren and Lexi

fight over a jump ball!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lexi & Lauren FACE OFF!

Lexi and Lauren's b-ball teams played eachother - Lexi moved up a grade for MCCS and Lo plays for CCS - so they met up - Happened twice this year actually! So far - Lauren has 2 W's! :)

Lexi (42) and Lauren (8) haing fought for a loose ball on the ground......

Lexi gets a hand in Lo's face before she can get a shot off! P:)


Lexi's walk to cure jouv diabetes (or insert Dave's achr here)

What a great kid - what wonderful friends for showing up - what a great day!

Group shot: this was most of the team! She had the largest (non -corporate) team out there!
Family pics: us all with Marcus and Michele & Mark and I with some of our kids.....

Does it feel like all we do is go to Wild games?

WE LOVE 'EM! With Mom and Dad at the Redwings game... (lost in a shoot out!) UGH!


Mark and I with our good friends, Mary and Todd.

Also Mary & I with our ice cream helmets on! :) (We ARE too COOL, Travis) :)


Just Mark and I at a game in December

More WILD fun!

Mikko wins more of these than most........ :)
Also got him up close - (I KNOW he is saying "hey Joy - ya, lets catch up after the game." Zidlicky too!